Quick Delivery of Electricity

Delivery/power distribution

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Round-the-clock dedication to swift recovery of power supply

The Network Engineering Division is responsible for delivering electricity generated at power plants to final customers via distribution lines spreading throughout the region. In the event of an outage due to distribution equipment damage from a typhoon, lightning, or other disaster, workers will work round-the-clock to provide swift recovery of the power supply.

The great disaster of 2012, resulting in power outages of 2,670 households

Heavy rains hit the Kinki area from August 13 to 14, 2012, marking the highest rainfall ever recorded in Hirakata City, Osaka prefecture, and Kyotanabe City, Kyoto prefecture. The rains caused landslides and flooding, and in Uji City and Kyotanabe City, which were hit heavily by the rain, power outages took place over a wide area, leading to loss of power at as many as 2,670 households.

In preparation for potential disasters, we made extensive efforts to build close relationships with local partner companies familiar with the forest roads and other passages in the region. This made it possible for us to deliver generator vehicles and other necessary equipment to the disaster sites via the shortest route in spite of the collapsed roads. In places where vehicles were unable to pass, workers carried equipment and material by hand while struggling against the mud.

After finally reaching the site of the disaster, workers faced a devastating scene with fallen utility poles swept away by collapsed roads due to the landslides. Unable to get heavy machines into the site, workers were faced with extremely difficult recovery work in addition to the risk of secondary disasters. In areas where the power supply could not be recovered quickly, we used generator vehicles to supply electricity as a quick-fix measure.

Taking pride in the sincere gratitude of customers

At the site of the disaster, all workers joined forces in an all-out effort fueled by expertise and skills to recover the power supply, driven by a strong will to deliver electricity as quickly as possible. As a result, all power outages were restored within 5 days of when the disaster occurred.

Following the completion of the challenging recovery work, front-line workers found a renewed sense of purpose coupled with the motivation and satisfaction they received from customers thanking them for turning on the lights.