Safety Action Charter of Kansai Transmission and Distribution

With the lessons from the Mihama Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 accident firmly engraved in our corporate culture, all members of the Kansai Electric Power Group have been giving topmost priority to safety, as expressed in the President’s Declaration “Ensuring safety is my mission, and the mission of the Company.”

In March 2016, we reaffirmed our commitment by formulating the “Management Philosophy” and “Guidelines for Action.” As these documents make clear, safety is our top priority in management and it is also a fundamental responsibility of each and every employee.

In order to fulfill this responsibility, we are enhancing safety awareness by sharing “Our beliefs about safety” on a permanent and group-wide basis, and we are bound by the “Safe Action Declaration” to never let our determination to ensure safety through proper actions wane. By steadily continuing to build a track record of safety, we are creating an unwavering safety culture.

Our beliefs about safety

Individual commitments (goals)

By making the assurance of safety our top priority in all our activities, we will protect the safety of every person involved.

Safety consciousness promise

Based on the strong belief held by every individual that “We will not allow misfortune to occur to the colleagues or their families,” we will foster a positive and open atmosphere where people can talk about anything through daily communication rooted in consideration. We will also cultivate a culture that prioritizes the assurance of safety by implementing continuous reform.

Safety action promise

In order to protect not only our own safety but also that of our colleagues, we will act immediately if we sense danger. Through the practice of this kind of independent safety action, we will seek to eliminate accidents.

Safe Action Declaration

I vow to do the following in order to both maintain my own safety and preserve the happiness of my friends and family.

Always think about what I can do for safety

I will expand the extent of what I can do for safety by improving my own technical abilities and sensitivity to danger. In addition, I will always think about what I can do myself and make suggestions proactively.

Follow rules and procedures

I will carefully confirm and—without making arbitrary changes—faithfully follow all safety-related rules, which have been established based on past lessons, as well as preparations and procedures determined in the planning stage in response to anticipated dangers.

Act without hesitation to protect colleagues from danger

When I notice a situation that could lead to danger for a colleague, instead of overlooking it, I will caution them or otherwise act without hesitation to prevent the danger from affecting them.

Respond to unplanned situations by stopping and consulting

When confronted with a situation that is different from what was planned or expected beforehand, I will immediately stop without hesitation and consult with others. I will not judge the safety of something arbitrarily and push on or make changes independently.

Communicate actively

The idea that “We will not allow misfortune to occur to the colleagues or their families” is not a hollow phrase. I will take this to heart and communicate proactively as best I can.